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Quality is extremely important when buying fabric. Following the example of his father and grandfather, Tim Rijs decided to start a small business in the textile industry in 2012. Where his predecessors sold fabric and haberdashery to fabric stores and market vendors, the last generation chose to sell his products exclusively online as a fabric wholesaler and retailer. Meanwhile, Rijs Textiles B.V has become one of the largest online stores in Europe for quality fabrics, haberdashery, and knitting yarn.

Rijs Textiles sells fabric by the meter exclusively online because speed and reliability are of utmost importance to individuals, retailers, and manufacturers. Because the products are sold solely online, the customer can only feel the fabric when ordering a sample. The reputation of Rijs Textiles "Delivering quality fabrics in a fair way" is, therefore, extra important for conducting business internationally. Rijs Textiles ships packages and pallets across Europe to, for example, fabric stores and individuals, based on the trust of the customer. Rijs Textiles wants to reward this trust. That's why Rijs Textiles' mission is, "Delivering quality and exceeding expectations in doing so."


By doing business online, Rijs Textiles sells beyond the borders of The Netherlands on a daily basis. The company, therefore, has VAT registrations in France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark and Great Britain. By selling online, the distance with customers in Europe is reduced. With an efficient sales process, the customers can receive their order more quickly. Rijs Textiles is a European company and therefore wants to offer all customers low shipping costs, regardless of the number of products and the shipping address of the customer.


Inexpensive doesn't mean the lowest price here. A lot of fabric webshops try to deliver the cheapest fabrics. At Rijs Textile, the motto is,

"The right value for money is more important than just a cheap price."


In addition to fabrics, Rijs Textiles also has a wide range of haberdashery and knitting yarn. This expansion is the latest addition of hobby articles to the range. The popular cotton crochet yarns of the ISPE® brand are available in 48 different colors. You can order an action package of these. 48 drops of ISPE® crochet cotton for € 99,-


Fabric wholesaler Rijs Textiles sells fabrics online in 28 different countries. Throughout Europe, fabric stores order their stock through the online wholesale ordering procedure. The advantages of this procedure are:

Quick delivery times.

Everything available from stock

No additional or high shipping costs.

Wide range of standard articles.

No back orders. What is confirmed and paid for is delivered within a few days.

In addition to fabrics, also haberdashery and knitting yarn at wholesale prices.

Rijs Textiles distinguishes itself from other fabric wholesalers because of their unique range of sustainable products. The owner of the company has thus learned from his grandfather,

"When a retailer can earn from your product, there is a future in it."

The confirmation is noticeable because of the large number of regular customers that Rijs Textiles has built and is still growing.