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We offer you the opportunity to order a sample of the fabric. This allows you to judge the quality and color of the fabric yourself. You can order a maximum of 6 samples (+/- 3x3cm) and we charge a fee of € 0.50 per sample. And with samples only you also have the option to choose PostNL as a shipping option. This is cheaper than DPD parcel service.

Have you only ordered samples? Samples are sent by regular mail. Which means that no track and trace code will be available.

Do you have samples as an addition to your order? If you buy fabric samples in addition to an order, a track and trace will be used.

The minimum number of meters per fabric is 0.50 m. When entering the number of meters, use a point and not a comma.

Many fabrics are marked as to whether they have been certified by Ökotex. Fabrics with this certificate can be used for textile toys and clothing for babies and toddlers, e.g. underwear, rompers, bedding, cuddly toys, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot provide these certificates, as they may contain information that may be sensitive to competition.

We also carry the GOTS certificate for some fabrics. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) has been developed to further produce organic cotton and other organically grown fibers into a sustainable garment. With a GOTS certification, you can assume that compliance with social criteria in cotton cultivation and processing into dust is in order. Matters such as minimum wages, a ban on child labor and a safe and hygienic working environment have been maintained.

Tencel is also a brand name of a natural synthetic fiber that we sell. Tencel is made from eucalyptus trees. For Tencel, the wood is obtained from specially managed, sustainable forests. The trees are cut down, the bark is removed, and then the bare trunks are cut into very small pieces, about the size of a stamp. All these chips then end up in a large container together with a chemical that ensures that the chips dissolve and form a liquid. That liquid is then squeezed through a spinneret, which is a kind of shower head, creating long wires. Those wires become fibers by passing them through the chemical again. After this, the threads are usually chopped into small pieces and then spun into yarn, possibly further processed (for example softened) and then it is ready to be used. Tencel is so environmentally friendly that it has been awarded the European Ecolabel! <bron: wiki>

There are several places where product information can be found. For example on the category and product page. On the category page you will find information about the material and what it can be used for.

On the product page we take a closer look at the individual fabric, for example the article number, composition, color, washing label, width of the fabric, weight and some additional information. 

For many of our products, the product description states how you can best wash and maintain the fabric. You can only find these on the product page.

Unfortunately, it is possible that due to our unique way of selling via the internet, a substance is no longer in stock. For example because a large number of meters have been bought. We try to take this into account with the current sales and reservations through wholesale quotations. Through good contact with our suppliers, we can have products back in stock within a few weeks if necessary. If problems arise with your order, we will of course contact you.

We work on new products all year round. Our range is constantly evolving and a catalog is therefore not practical. We have an overview of all our most recent fabrics on 1 page. Here are the 50 most recently added fabrics and haberdashery.

In the unlikely event that a product is not available, you can do two things. Some products have a date when it comes back in stock.

If this date is not there. Then it is uncertain for us when it comes back in stock. In that case it is best to leave your name and email address and we will send you an email when the product is back in stock.

Comparing fabrics gives the perfect opportunity to check them with different compositions. This way you can see the differences and similarities at once.

We do not print fabrics, but we have our own production line such as digital print in jersey cotton and poplin. This requires a minimum purchase of a few hundred meters to take an order into production. It is not possible to make use of this option for orders with smaller volumes.

Many of our fabrics are produced in Turkey and China. Our haberdashery is mainly developed in China. There are exceptions, but that applies to some substances.

We receive many requests every day and unfortunately we cannot help everyone. We select good will projects on our own initiative and therefore do not respond to individual requests.

We often get the question whether customers can copy product photos from our website. Unfortunately it is not allowed to use it. With the exception of the digital prints.


Of course we try to finish your order as quickly as possible. Within a year we have to deal with several busy and quiet periods. As a result, it can happen that an order is shipped on the same day and sometimes a few days pass. Also when it comes to samples, these are finished as soon as possible and shipped with PostNL. On average we ship within 3 to 5 working days. As soon as the order is completed you will receive an email (around 8 pm) with invoice and track & trace. If you have not received the email, please check your account for all recent information about your order. DPD tries on average to deliver your order within 48 hours. If the delivery takes longer than five working days, it is best to first contact DPD. They are available from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.).




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