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"Natural Dyeing" Fabrics Per Meter

Order Natural Dyeing Fabrics per meter at the online fabric store.

Natural dyeing fabrics are 100% organic and natural. As suggested by the name, natural dyeing firstly involves making dyes from naturally occurring ingredients. Roots, nuts and flowers are just a few common natural ways to get many colors. You can buy natural dyeing fabrics per meter online. We sell a linen fabric quality and a french terry fabric quality.

The synthetic non-eco friendly dyeing method is a threat to humans as well as the environment. It causes skin allergy and health hazards to the people who produce it as well as the consumer. These dyes also pollute the nearby water resources by releasing undesirable and hazardous toxic chemicals. Natural dyeing is a eco-friendly process and the future for a sustainable world.

Rijs Textiles not only tries to improve the sales of fabrics but also wants to make the world a little better.